Ladies who are becoming the best versions of themselves..
New eBOOK Shows 40 Pages of UNSPOKEN Secrets 
To Getting Your Confidence Back and Lighting Up the Room Instantly as a woman..
"Take Your Confidence Back - Sparkle with charisma to attract"

Get Your Mystique Back

  • 40 Pages of the lessons and steps we SHOULD be taught but are not
  • Never let external circumstances influence your success or dim your power, ever again
Get your mystique back
  • 40 Pages of the lessons and steps we SHOULD be taught but are not
  • ​Never Let external circumstances influence your success or dim your power, ever again.
Why not be influential, having your dreams appear in front of you, turning heads as you walk by?
Concepts That Most Ladies DON'T Implement but SHOULD...
How to get your power back as a woman
AND have confidence to take control of your life!
Learn how to embrace your feminine and powerful attributes and use them to perfect your mystique and sparkle to enhance your life.
And In case you're wondering... It’s NOT  about having more money or wearing expensive clothes
What Are the Secrets that Can Enhance Our Lives?
It’s NOT something you need money to implement
It’s NOT something that needs copious amounts of time of practice

It’s NOT about wearing fancy, luxurious, or expensive clothing items

It’s NOT even about your connections or "who you know"..
The Secrets To Enhancing Our Lives
Getting control of your confidence, power and lighting up a room are your innate womanly skills that have been suppressed all these years. Perfecting these skills will open new doors in your life.  

You don’t need to read hundreds of self help books

You don’t need to take public speaking classes

You don’t need to do anything extraordinary of these to work

All you need is your desire to improve as a woman, and to understand a simple mind-shift to apply these easy tactics.

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Inside Of This NEW eBook...
Here Are A Few Of The Life Changing Secrets You'll Discover!
  • Realize that our feminine light has been suppressed over the years without us even realizing it. This has taken away a lot of our deserved power - learn how to channel your power once again and use it to your advantage.
  • How to not let any external circumstances influence your success in a negative way - explanations to have full control of your life.
  • The simple ways you can instantly get back your influential mystique and gaze that takes breaths away. This art is now forgotten by most, but has a tremendous influence on others.
  • Learn secret tactics that turn all heads on you when you walk into a room. How to use them to your advantage and not be ashamed of it!
  • No longer should you be cutting yourself short to fit the standards of others or of society. Confidence will mean doing what you need to be doing in order to give yourself a better life, and not batting an eye on other’s criticisms.
  • How to instantly become confident and transform your life by understanding a few concepts, without using long term practice gimmicks. 
  • Learn the things that are so powerful and already within you that you can immediately access to achieve your goals.
  • ​Mind tricks to overpower your subconscious mind to get on track with your beautiful body and maintain your highest level of health.
  • ​How to excel in your appearance without spending thousands of dollars (a myth commonly claimed on social medial and retail shops).
  • ​Easy posture tactics that will make you stand out compared to everybody else in the room.
  • How to write, and believe, the story of your life, and agree others to subconsciously do the same without even realizing it.
  • ​How to finally get everything that you deserve when it comes to your standards in romantic relationships.
  • New found feminine power that almost NO females are currently using - you knowing this will instantly get all eyes on you.

And that’s only a few (of the many) points that are covered...

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Like I mentioned before, this ebook will instantly get sent to you via your email so you can immediately begin using these tactics!

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1. There are tons of people selling expensive information that they themselves don't even practice.
This information is your innate given right, we just forget how to access it! I want you to be able to instantly tweak your mindset to claim back your power. No fancy investments are necessary for you to do this, as this is your right!

2. Start a relationship with us
We are building a like minded community for powerful women. With women, made by women. We understand each other and we can all grow together.
3. Another addition to your growth
We must always be learning and expanding, otherwise we will remain exactly where we are in life. 

I am always adding new knowledge to my life and to be the best version of yourself you should constantly be adding new things up your sleeve!
meet ME!
Karina Molostova
After immigrating from Russia from a young age, I got started at the University of California, Irvine, where I got my B.S. Degree in Biology with a goal of attending medical school.

I was simultaneously signed to a modeling agency in Los Angeles, traveling the world of over 20 countries, while pondering what I truly wanted to impact in this life.

I then switched paths and started my own multiple 6 figure businesses by building brands on Amazon FBA as well as teaching others to do the same.

I wanted to pass on the message of independence, women empowerment and how to be the best version of one self. Since then I have taken many certification programs as well as personal experience from all my fields of work and networking to guide women in achieving their ultimate power!
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Karina Molostova
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